Development of a corporate family

At the age of 65, Hans Müller started out from his living room with a curious mind and a keen sense of opportunities in times of upheaval. By founding Telefonbuch Verlag Hans Müller in Nuremberg, he laid the foundation for today's Müller Medien corporate family. In the decades that followed, further phases of upheaval and technical transformation in production and publishing products followed.

The resulting developments both in print and in the emerging electronic and digital sector would not have been possible without Hans Müller's extraordinary entrepreneurial achievements. His pioneering spirit can still be felt in the corporate family today.

In the 80s, Neue Medien added another segment to telephone directories. The company became involved in a pilot project for screen text and began to develop and expand its activities for private broadcasting. It also established itself on the market for children's and youth non-fiction books and began publishing weekly newspapers. With its entry into the Internet and the establishment of start-up companies, the Müller Medien corporate family finally ventured into global markets in its sixth decade of existence.

Today, Müller Medien constitutes a future-oriented network of strong partners in the media industry. We see ourselves as an active partner for the industry in achieving communication-relevant goals such as visibility, advertising success, the acquisition of new customers, and the cultivation of existing customers. Müller Medien is also a reliable and competent consultant in the field of new media. This includes the development of innovative apps in the directory sector. We apply the expertise and experience of our versatile teams to realize new business models.


2019 - The corporate family has grown

Since September 2019, we are the majority shareholder of 11880 solutions AG

2018 - BOOKii digital audio pen

The new BOOKii digital audio pen from Tessloff brings valuable knowledge, games, and fun to the children's room with its versatile applications.
With BOOKii, children can explore new worlds in a playful way. BOOKii is a playful way for children to explore new worlds.

2015 - Founding of the SELLWERK brand

The product portfolio is expanded to include a large number of online marketing products. To reflect the digital reorientation, the publishers of the corporate family operate under the SELLWERK brand.
SELLWERK is the personal assistant for small and medium-sized companies in the digitalization process.

2013 - New website

Relaunch of the website of the Müller Medien corporate family.

2012 - Gold for Müller Verlag

The restaurant and hotel guide from Müller Verlag is awarded gold in the "Print" category at the German Directory Media Award ceremony.

The children's and youth book brand WAS IST WAS also wins big:
The e-books from Tessloff are awarded the "GIGA-Maus" at the Frankfurt Book Fair for outstanding software for children, young people, and the whole family. The New Media division scores points as well: The popular portal reaches 2nd place among the largest online restaurant guides in Germany. The barcode scanning app "Barcoo" reaches 1st place in the App Store.

2011 - A new era in broadcasting

The dawn of a new era in broadcasting: On August 1st, the nationwide program of "Absolut Radio" is launched. The digital radio offers its listeners and users a variety of interactive possibilities from communities and fan sites to the Absolut Radio app.

The knowledge brand WAS IST WAS celebrates its 50th anniversary.
Entry of the product "Bundestelefonbuch" into the corporate family.

With, a network for local advertisements on the Internet is established, through which companies and self-employed persons can place text advertisements in directories, local search engines, and portals and limit their display to certain places or regions.

The foundation stone is laid for the building extension in Pretzfelder Strasse to create a central connection to MüllerVerlag for all colleagues.

2010 - Anniversaries and optimization

ALBRÄCHD Verlags GmbH & Co. KG is newly founded. It prints newsletters for cities and communities in the Nuremberg area.

Anniversaries in the Print Media division: 30 years of Marktspiegel, 25 years of Schweinfurter Anzeiger, 20 years of wob in Würzburg.

A new administrative software now optimizes the application process at Müller Medien. Via, open positions are automatically published in the Internet and on various job portals with search engine optimization. At the same time, offers tips on how to apply and information on the various media professions and job opportunities in the sales department of the corporate family.

2009 - Innovative ideas by tradition

125th birthday of company founder Hans Müller.
Müller Medien is able to record "new additions" to the New Media division every year. In 2009, the corporate family will be joined by online companies that are launching successfully with smart ideas: the quality search engine, the knowledge portal for specialists and managerial staff, and, a tendering platform for IT projects.

2008 - Extensions 2.0

The New Media division is expanded: The rating portal and the online auction portal go online.

2007 - Steady growth in the online market

Since its foundation, the New Business division has been growing steadily. In the meantime, around 20 online companies and cooperations are part of the network, where innovative teams from national and international companies form the creative basis. The spectrum ranges from vertical special services and Web 2.0 oriented internet applications such as rating portals to specialists for search engine marketing.

2006 - MüllerVerlag in the Guinness Book of Records

MüllerVerlag is in the Guinness Book of World Records. A giant 450 m² poster painted by children decorates the publishing building in Nuremberg during the FIFA World Cup.
The new local search engine goes online.
The Tessloff publishing house for children's and youth non-fiction books celebrates its 50th anniversary.

2002 - WAS IST WAS

WAS IST WAS goes on the air with the first episode of the documentary series "WAS IST WAS TV" with great success. Broadcast at prime time, the series gets excellent ratings from the outset. All WAS IST WAS episodes are also available on DVD.

2000 - The 4th generation

Constanze and Michael Oschmann are officially appointed to the management. On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Telefonbuch Verlag, the Müller Medien corporate family is founded. With its five business divisions Directory, Print Media, Book, Broadcasting and New Media, it represents a network of strong partners and innovative companies.

1997 - Involvement with local broadcasters

Involvement in the area of local television stations begins. With Franken Life in Nuremberg, Neue Welle Bayern has one of the fastest broadcasting starts in private local television history.

1996 - Globalization

For the corporate family, the entry into the Internet marks the start of the third millennium and the transition into global markets. The fifth business division New Business is born. This division is largely shaped by companies with start-up structures that adapt quickly and consistently to user and customer requirements in the new markets.

1990 - Establishment of numerous publishing houses

With the fall of the Berlin Wall, publishing enters uncharted territory in East Germany. The SachsenVerlag publishing house is established and is ready for action. Publishing houses in Austria and Hungary follow.

1988 - New tasks and members

The publication of advertising journals leads to new publishing tasks. The weekly newspaper "Der Marktspiegel" is now part of the corporate family.

1986 - Wave of regional radio stations

Regional radio stations are being established throughout Germany and MüllerVerlag follows suit with Neue Welle Bayern – the era of private radio and television begins. On February 3rd, Neue Welle Franken goes on air for the first time in the broadband cable network in Nuremberg, and a few months later it is broadcast terrestrially.

1980 - Ideological change

A decade of ideological change and contrasts begins. With the dawning of the age of electronic media, a new age of communication begins. The path to the electronic telephone directory, directory assistance, and BTX services (screen text) is decisively shaped by the Hans Müller publishing house. Plückebaum-Verlag in Neukirchen-Vluyn is now part of the corporate family, and one year later it diversifies into the market for children's and youth non-fiction books with Tessloff Verlag. Since 1979, it has also moved into new publishing facilities in Nuremberg-Thon.

1975 - Expansion and innovation

The year 1975 brings a number of important decisions for the marketing of telephone directories. The Yellow Pages appear for the first time separately from the official telephone directory as a separate book. The new and handy design quickly makes the book a popular reference directory. In the meantime, Fernsprechbuch-Verlag Hans Müller, which now celebrates its 25th anniversary, has extended its publishing territory beyond Bavaria for the first time: Since 1974, it has been joined by the address book publisher Schwann in Düsseldorf.

1965 - The next generation

The next generation of entrepreneurs takes over: With the death of founder Hans Müller, grandson Gunther Oschmann takes over the management of the publishing house. This period also marks the beginning of the era of EDP and expansion. Owing to the growing number of entries in telephone directories and address books, new methods of data processing are required to ensure that the data is always up-to-date.

1950 - Foundation of the company

Hans Müller is among the pioneers who take the initiative for a new beginning in the years after the end of the Second World War. His willingness to take risks and his personal drive motivate him to become an entrepreneur at the age of 61. Hans Müller succeeds in securing an area for the independent sale and publishing of telephone directories from the postal advertising service. Literally from his living room, he finally founds his own publishing house, Fernsprechbuch-Verlag Hans Müller KG, at the age of 65.