About Müller Medien

At the age of 65, Hans Müller founded what is now known as Telefonbuch Verlag Hans Müller from his living room – laying the foundation for the Müller Medien corporate family. His pioneering spirit can still be felt today in the fourth generation and among all our colleagues.

The Müller Medien corporate family is locally connected and globally networked. With our four business divisions Directories, Broadcast, Book, and New Business, we have locations in Europe, the US, and Asia. Every day, our over 2000 employees are gaining the trust of consumers and customers. Changes and challenges in the media world motivate us to respond to developments at an early stage so that we can help shape them. Our cooperative Entwicklungen frühzeitig aufzugreifen, um diese mitzuprägen. Unser kollegiales Miteinander lebt von gegenseitiger Wertschätzung und Vertrauen.

"In our corporate family, we live the tradition of our great-grandfather Hans Müller, who laid the foundation for our corporate family at the age of 65: recognizing opportunities that arise, for example, as a result of technical, regulatory or social changes and addressing the resulting new issues with entrepreneurial initiatives.

The digital transformation offers particularly exciting opportunities to reconsider the needs of our users and customers. The changing ground rules offer room for existing and new products as well as the chance to expand into new business models, also with partners. However, digital change is not an end in itself for us: Only if it can solve problems or bring about improvements over previous options can it lead to an exciting business model.

Communication within and across the five business divisions is the DNA of our corporate family. This and our cooperation with a diverse range of partners in companies in the digital and media industry worldwide are the driving force behind our business success and the joy we experience in our work."

Constanze Oschmann 
Michael Oschmann  


At the age of 65, Hans Müller founded what is now known as Telefonbuch Verlag Hans Müller from his living room in Nuremberg, thus laying the foundation for the Müller Medien corporate family of today.


Our corporate family is aware of its responsibility with regard to the environmentally friendly use of resources. We advocate the sustainable and responsible use of natural resources and the maintenance of social and ecological standards along the wood, pulp, paper, printing, and recycling chain.

Müller Medien is involved in the following four media sectors

Müller Medien


Nationwide, the corporate family has holdings in around 20 directory publishers.

The publications have a total circulation of around 22 million.

Müller Medien


The Müller Medien corporate family has invested in local radio and television stations since the liberalization of the Bavarian broadcasting market in 1984 and in regional and national stations with various program formats since 1990.

Müller Medien


In 1981, Müller Medien took over the publisher of children's and youth non-fiction books Tessloff Ragnar Tessloff GmbH & Co. KG. This represents the core of the Books business division.

Tessloff Verlag published the first non-fiction books for children in Germany and is now one of the leading publishers in this field.

Müller Medien

New Business

The rapid development of the Internet is constantly calling for new business models. With its New Business division, Müller Medien is opening up innovative areas of activity as well as additional revenues.

We are creating trends with our own companies and start-up partners. Managers and innovative teams from national and international companies are the creative basis of our numerous activities, large and small, in the online market.