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We offer you various opportunities to start with us as a pupil, student or graduate (m/f/d).


Training needed? Start in a forward-looking career profile at Müller Medien.

Videos provide a diverse insight into our training assignments on the way to becoming a digital and print media salesperson (m/f/d).

Student internship

We offer students (m/f/d) a first insight into various areas of our corporate family in the form of an internship.

New! Brand new: we now also offer a virtual internship day, as well as a virtual limo.Wondering what that really means? Then find out. We look forward to getting to know you!

Dual study

We support you from the very beginning of your dual study programme. Apply for dual at Müller Medien.

Dual makes it possible to combine practical experience with theoretical content. Our BA degree programmes: Business Administration Marketing Management and Digital Media


Discover the diversity of our media within a graduate trainee programme (m/f/d).


Are you ready for an interesting and varied apprenticeship? Then start with us!

During your training, you will get to know the diversity of Müller Medien's business divisions or immediately do a deeper dive into your training company. Together with the trainee colleagues of your training year and the support of the already experienced trainees, you will organise projects independently and take on responsibility. In-house lessons, training, feedback sessions and much more will deepen your knowledge and give you optimal preparation for your professional life.

You will gain an exclusive insight into the training needed to become a media salesperson (m/f/d) in both digital and print:

Trainee mentoring programme

To make it as easy as possible for you to start your apprenticeship, we have a trainee mentoring programme. Even before you start your training, an existing trainee will contact you personally and you will receive an individual welcome letter. Usually there is also a meeting in advance with all apprenticeship years to get to know each other a bit. But even during the training period, your "godparents" will always have an open ear for you.

Trainee Welcome Week

Here it is, the big day. To make the first training day unforgettable, we prepare well for it. With a welcome package and getting to know fellow trainees, new colleagues and the company, the day flies by. During Welcome Week you can expect a company tour, workshops and much more. So you can be excited about what's in store for you.

Trainee projects

Working on your own responsibility - that's at the top of our list! So you are in demand as a trainee (m/f/d) with creativity and commitment. Not only do will you manage a wide variety of social media accounts, but also take part in trade shows or similar events.


In addition to the daily work routine, teamwork should of course not be neglected. In-house instruction, training and other activities take place throughout the training year. But our trainees also like to spend their breaks together outside work or meet up after work. Friendships have often blossomed that go far beyond the usual cooperation at work.

Book an appointment now!

Are you interested in training as a digital and print media salesperson or in one of our dual study programmes but still have questions?
Then book an appointment for a virtual limo over Zoom here and exchange ideas with our current trainees and dual students live and from the comfort of your own home. A trainee or student will be available to you personally and exclusively for about 30 minutes to present his activities in various departments, his experiences and the company itself, so that you can then get an idea of whether our offer is right for you. Of course, there will also be time for all open questions about starting a career. We are looking forward to getting to know you!

What happens after you book an appointment for a virtual limo?
After we process your request, you will receive an email (check your spam folder just in case) in which we confirm the appointment and send you a Zoom link for the meeting. Please then dial into the Zoom meeting on the agreed date over the link sent.

   Book your appointment now!

You can find our training offers here.

Are you interested in an insight into the training?

Or support us virtually through a classic trainee's day at the company.

Questions? Then feel free to contact us for a detailed discussion.

Your contact:
Claudia Hoheisel
0911 3409-264

You can reach us on WhatsApp:

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Student internship

Just do it? Could be good .... Exactly!

Are you still unsure about your career choice and would like to take a look at the exciting world of media? Then you have come to the right place. A few days will be enough to give you a good impression of the Müller Medien family of companies and you will certainly be a step closer to making your decision.

PIn-person internship

A 3-day trial internship offers the opportunity to gain an insight into various departments and occupational fields. Varied tasks, good supervision and an informative exchange with experienced colleagues are not neglected here.

Virtual internship

We have also recently started offering a virtual internship. Within one day, you will get to know the company within the context of a schedule prepared in advance. Varied videos and presentations alternate with exciting tasks and interesting conversations.

Questions? Then feel free to contact us for a detailed discussion.

Your contact:
Claudia Hoheisel
0911 3409-264

You can reach us on WhatsApp:

Kontaktiere uns über WhatsApp!

Dual study

Every year, new dual students start at Müller Medien. Every three months, our students are at the university for the theory phase and then back at the company in Nuremberg for three months. In our diverse departments you will get practical experience and also be able to supervise some great and exciting projects as a dual student (m/f/d). In cooperation with the dual universities of Baden Württemberg (DHBW), we offer the following BA degree programmes:

• Business Administration - Marketing Management (DHBW Heidenheim)
• Digital Media - Focus on Media Management and Communication (DHBW Mannheim)

Welcome Day

Welcome Day is the first day of study. You will start this new phase of your life with a welcome package, a full folder of information about your new employer and your studies and an attractive day programme. Psssst... And we will also provide you with your own laptop for the entire duration of your studies.


Theory phase and practical phase - sometimes here, sometimes there. Still, togetherness is an important part of our corporate family. Our students also have the opportunity to take part in trade fairs, for example, and to maintain close contact with colleagues from Müller Medien by working on joint projects. In addition, regular feedback meetings are held at the end of the respective practical phases in the company, during which we discuss in private your further plans and your future after graduation.

The Uni

The Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University has an excellent reputation for its pleasant personal working atmosphere and excellent technical equipment. Through various forms of project work and excursions, our students can get to know each other better and make friends in small groups. The study contents and subject combinations of the respective degree programme give you optimal preparation for a challenging position in the company!

You can access our dual degree programs here.

Trainee Programme

Are you in the home stretch of your studies or have you recently graduated and are looking to start your career? Then you are in exactly the right place!

We offer trainee positions in Online Marketing & Sales at our headquarters in Nuremberg every year at flexible starting times. Within the one- or two-year trainee programme at Müller Medien, get to know both online marketing and sales first-hand and work together with us on forward-looking projects and new products.

Every trainee (m/f/d) is given an individual plan that is explicitly adapted to his strengths and wishes. Our goal is to be able to offer you a responsible position, for example as Product Manager (m/f/d) or Junior Sales Manager (m/f/d), after completion of the trainee programme.

See for yourself and take a look at our employee stories from current or former trainees:

You can find our trainee positions here.

We are looking forward to your application

Every year we offer several apprenticeship and study positions in various fields. Become part of our team at Müller Medien! We support you from the very beginning.

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