The rapid development of the Internet is constantly calling for new business models. With our New Business division, we are opening up innovative areas of activity as well as additional revenues. At its core, this business division further develops the DNA of the Müller Medien corporate family, the founding idea and entrepreneurial solution of problems.

We are creating trends with our own companies and start-up partners. Managers and innovative teams from national and international companies are the creative basis of our numerous activities, large and small, in the online market. We combine expertise and experience in strategic cooperations and test new markets.

A selection of our brands from the New Business division:

"At Müller Medien, we do not want to focus on the corporate family, but to ensure that the individual companies are successful with their managers and their many corporate partners.

Three things are important to us: On the one hand, the target group of small and medium-sized companies. This is rooted in our history in the directory sector. In addition, we are very active in the various services offered by online booking agencies. Furthermore, we're interested in companies that make entrepreneurial life easier for our clientele of small and medium-sized businesses."

Michael Amtmann
Head of New Business