In 1981, Müller Medien took over children's and youth non-fiction book publisher Tessloff Ragnar Tessloff GmbH & Co. KG. This represents the core of the Books business division. Tessloff Verlag published the first non-fiction books for children in Germany and is now one of the leading publishers in this field.

The brands WAS IST WAS, WAS IST WAS Junior, and WAS IST WAS Kindergarten convey knowledge in a variety of media formats: With the BOOKii audio pen, children can explore books with their eyes AND ears. The series WAS IST WAS Erstes Lesen contains solid factual knowledge tailored to the needs of first-time readers in terms of both text and design. WAS IST WAS has already been published in over 45 languages and more than 100 countries.

Besides the "Little Major Tom" adventure stories, Tessloff also offers painting and activity books for children of kindergarten and primary-school age. With "FIT für die SCHULE" ("Ready for School"), the publishing house has developed a successful learning aid series. High-quality cardboard books for children from 0 to 36 months are published under the label "Pappebuch von Tessloff."

The world of products created by Tessloff Verlag has been inspiring young readers for generations, arousing curiosity and guiding children as they discover their environment through play.

"There is nothing more wonderful than helping children explore the world in different ways – that’s what we do at Tessloff Verlag. That makes our work something very special."


Harald Greiner
Managing Director, TESSLOFF VERLAG

"The publishing house has always pursued a single goal with its program: To arouse curiosity and instill a sense of fun in reading and learning.
With the development of the BOOKii, the digital audio pen, Tessloff has succeeded in introducing even very young children to digital forms of use. The classic book is not being neglected in the process: After all, understanding texts and learning to read, along with the fun of learning, is the foundation for all media use.”


Katja Meinecke-Meurer
Managing Director, TESSLOFF VERLAG